Where your Pets are Treated like Royalty!

Here at Crown Royal Ranch our tagline is “Treating your Pets like Royalty” buts it’s more than a tagline or a mission statement it’s part of our coreĀ values & fundamental beliefs. Unlike other Breeders, we believe in raising animals in our house as part of our family. When we decided to start breeding we researched the best techniques, protocols, and philosophies in order to craft the breeding programs that cement us as responsible breeders. As responsible breeders, we have many duties when planning and breeding a litter. We do genetic Testing & Health Testing on our prospective parents. We research the lines of our prospective parents including personality tests. We match our Litters based on personality and furthering the breeding standards. Puppies & Kittens are whelped and raised in clean, warm surroundings inside our house and are provided with the best physical care and the socialization they need. Emotional and mental stimulation is used so they fulfill their full potential. As part of our program, all animals will be sent home microchipped with a Gift bag containing Toys, Pee Pads & Transition Food.

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